Pneumotrac™ Spirometer with Spirotrac®6 Learning Path

Pneumotrac™ Spirometer with Spirotrac®6 Learning Path

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The new Pneumotrac™ Spirometer utilizing Spirotrac®6 software is ready for you! Be sure to add the Spirotrac® 6 learning path to your cart for turn key training. Remember to register your Vitalograph­® devices for access to a free training seat.

This learning path was designed to provide comprehensive training for your device (~90 minutes of content) This course should not be taken alone and should be paired with the appropriate device. For additional content, please review device learning path and Spirometry Concepts.

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Courses included cover detailed information such as:

  • Getting Started with capabilities, features, and initial configuration instructions
  • Quality and Infection Control specific to your device, including troubleshooting tips and general maintenance
  • Practical use of your device and clinical applications
  • Report generation options

As you progress through the learning path, we will occasionally check your knowledge and conclude with a comprehensive exam. Upon successful completion, the learner will be granted a manufacturer’s training certificate to ensure that you are confident in the use of your Vitalograph® device.