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How long can I access my training on SpiroTutor? 90 Days from the enrollment date
How do I print my certificate? Click on the top right hand side of the screen to download your certificate. It can be printed or stored digitally 
 How do I access technical support?


Please contact us at Support@SpiroTutor.com


I got logged in for my training but how do I get started?

watch the screen recording below for steps

How often should I have my clinicians complete training? It is beneficial to complete training to become competent on a new device. It is also helpful to complete training annually to maintain skills competencies. 
What devices do you have training for? 
What benefit is taking the Spirometry Concepts learning path? The spirometry concepts content is meant to provide an overview of basic fundamentals for learners. Learning objectives include: a basic understanding of guidelines, coaching techniques, basic interpretive strategies to enhance quality assurance and quality control.
Do you have bundled enrollment pricing? We do. Please contact our team for a quote.
My hospital needs to have access to SpiroTutor longer than 90 days, can that be arranged? Yes, we have an annual enterprise license that allows access all year for new hires and annual staff competency verification.